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Use Cases for Instant Similarity Search

A better way for shoppers to find what they like

Allow shoppers to quickly explore visually similar products to those they are already interested in. Reduce frustration and increase search-to-purchase rates.

  • Increase search-to-sale rates.
  • Lower bounce rates and increase shopper satisfaction.

Monetize even when out-of-stock

Still getting traffic to items that have run out of stock? Help your shoppers by directing their attention to visually similar items, prevent bounces and close more sales.

  • Lower bounce rates.
  • Increase time on site (good for SEO).
  • Increase shopper satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

Entice purchases for visually similar products

Enhance your shopper's journey by presenting a curated list of visually similar items, tailored to each product they show an interest in.

  • Extend time on site (good for SEO).
  • Foster serendipitous engagement and increase conversion rates.

Buyable products, always.

Running out of stock for products on marketing pages, but traffic is still coming in? We've got you covered. We can back-fill products with highly relevant substitutes on the fly, ensuring that your shoppers always have choices.

  • Capture sales otherwise lost.
  • Reduce bounce rates on marketing pages.