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Use Cases for Sneaker ID

Grow traffic from Google Shopping

Use our sneaker identification model to attach product identifiers to your inventory and be able to submit your products to Google Shopping.

  • Grow traffic and sales from Google.
  • Improve seach-to-sale rates

Fast price-comparison while shopping physical stores

Allow shoppers to price-compare against your online inventory while they are shopping at competing brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Capture sales from competitors.
  • Grow brand awareness and product stickiness.

Suggest visually similar products to shoppers on each page

Go beyond "people who viewed this also views that" type of recommendations. Suggest visually similar alternatives to shoppers based on what they already like.

  • Help shoppers find what they are looking for and convert more sessions to sales.
  • Increase time on site and lower bounce rates.

Get sellers to list faster and more

Are your sellers still listing by entering information manually? Auto-generate listing data to speed up the listing process while reducing listing spam and inaccuracies.

  • Reduce time to list and increase conversion rates in listing flows.
  • Improve accuracy of listing information, leading to better search and shopping experiences.

Sneaker identification out in the wild

Sneaker identification empowers shoppers to find the right sneaker at any moment, even when taking snaps out on the street.

  • Improve product stickiness.
  • Grow word-of-mouth marketing for your app or shop.